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Beijing's largest Chang Jiang 750 sidecar show room, MC, and restoration. Check out our showroom and videos of our clubhouse and showrooms.

"If you want Chinese food, go where the Chinese eat! If you want to buy a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar, go where the Beijing locals riders and expats go" ::: Big Bill's Bikes::: www.CJ750.net ::: Serving the Chang Jiang 750 sidecar motorcycle riders in Beijing and the international community since 2004!

www. CJ750.net - the most comprehensive CJ750 sidecar website online. Get all the facts information straight, download our photos, read our FAQs. Compare our prices and importantly join our family of Chang Jiang 750 riders. It is vital that you do you research before you make your purchase! Read through my site and especially this article (how to buy) that I wrote!

Check out our recent updates and information- 2012 - over 1,500 new photos. Newly updated FAQs. A must read for Import regulations from Australia ( 1 I 2 ) and listed in them banned dealers bikers, new 1956 M72 photos, ride videos links and weeked ride information, etc. Magazine articles; City Edition, Motorcyclelist ( 1 I 2 ), Time Out, Autorevue.

WWII enthuasit and vintage bike collectors must download the PDF books: BMW owners manual, BMW R75, BMW 1938 Manual, BMW 750 Military, Heavy Sidecar Motorcycles of the Wehrmacht, Motorcycles of War.

Ride season in Beijing starts April till November - everyone is welcome to join us!

Top Quality and Excellent Service at the Best Prices
Importantly "No Bullshit"!


For the enthusiast here are some really cool desktop wallpapers for your computer. Down load these and set it was your desktop wall paper.

A must read before you buy. Updated (May 2010): HOW TO BUY, its a bit long winded but will save you alot of headache as there are all sorts of stories about these bikes and what is good or not.

Some advice from Scooterbob in Virginia.

Media: Motocyclist article 1 | 2. City Edition article 1.

New Address (2nd shop):Visit our new shop on Jing Mi Road, lane right before the WenYu river, where the organic market is. Our (3rd Shop is for cruisers - HD, Indians, Custom choppers and bobbers.

Community: Check out ride photos, dealers on www.cj750.org

Youtube - check us out: beijingbiker

M72 manual - PDF download


The Real Deal! - Owned by a biker, I stand behind each bike that we restore and warrenty all my bikes to ensure you the highest quality. Ride with confidence knowing you have a bike restored by Big Bill.

Click on an blue text to enter my galleries and see full detailed photos of our Chang Jiang 750 sidecars, review our details, compare the quality, read our FAQ's and get all the facts and most importantly compare our quality, restoration details and prices. If you want an excellent quality and reliable restoration backed with online service for international clients with a network of customers and support then I can offer you exactly what you need. If you are in Beijing, visit out shop, talk to me, and learn all about the the Chang Jiang 750 sidecar and find out the real deal. Contact us for a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar of your dream and join us for a weekend ride. Do your research before you buy a CJ750 sidecar. We are one of the few shops that restore bikes, and have a ride club. As of 2013 we are one of the few shops left servicing customers locally in Beijing and we have also expanded to 3 locations in the Shunyi area.

My website has over two thousand photos, I want you to see everything from all angles, compare styles, color, quality, various configurations, components, and all the details that go into our custom Chang Jiang 750 restoration. Importantly it will give you a good idea of the quality and meticulous attention that goes making a CJ750 that is beautiful and reliable. Check out our latest desktop wallpapers. Our new bike gallery is up thus check out our latest restorations.

This site is created with the help of many Chang Jiang 750 enthusiast and CJ750 riders to promote and sell Chang Jiang 750 sidecars. Importantly this one of the most comprehensive CJ750 site that gives all the facts to riders and enthusiast interested in these classic sidecars with no Bullshit!. Read our FAQs and find out if this is the bike for you. Click on our links and visit some of our friend's sites. Check out my gallery photos of weekend rides in the surrounding areas of Beijing and also our long distance rides into central China and Inner Mongolia. I am biker and know about motorcycles! I stand behind every bike that I sell! Visit our shops in Beijing and you will find the real deal.

Send me an e-mail for a Chang Jiang 750 price quotation. I am one of the few shops that itemize our work and give you actual advice from experience. Hundreds of sidecars sold in the past few years! My mechanics personally restore each of our CJ750 motorcycles for customers and you can see our restoration facilities. Even if you don't buy your CJ750 from us, you are welcome to ride with us and also hang out in our club house. Check out our details, visit our shops and talk to people in Beijing that know us. You will see why we are the top shop for your CJ750. Buy your CJ750 from us and you will ride with confidence.

Super Restorations

Click on blue text to see restorations

Premium CJ750: The ultimate sidecar. Restored to perfection, our premium restoration are high performance and looks beautiful. These sidecars have all the bell and whistles. Each one is meticulously restored to perfection.

Pinstripes R71 Style:Just like the old time BMWs. This is classic style that is one of our best sellers . Check out all the details on these timeless classic that we restore!

WWII R75 Style: Reminiscent of WWII, these are a favorite with re-enactors. Originally made by BMW for WWII, these sidecar restorations are highly detailed and can handle the toughest roads and conditions. A must visit page and check out the download books available.

Solo: The classic motorcycle made famous in the movie by Steve McQueen, The Great Escape, you can own one of these vintage classics. Our CJ750 solos motorcycles run like a Rolex. Own one of these perfectly restored solos to any style you like today.

PLA and Military: The basic green CJ750 sidecar. Made famous by many dealers. There are thousands of these sidecars waiting for you. Check out our restorations and details that go into our stock sidecars.

Custom Flames: A really cool sidecar. A favorite for Harley owners. Our flames are symetrical and well balanced. These are the hot rod of sidecars.

Pinstripes BMW R 71 Style

1997 CJ750: These are locally licenced CJ750 sidecars for Beijing. They are highly available and cost starts less than 1,000USD. You can own one of these easily. It takes only a few days to transfer a title.

BMW Conversions: A combination of reliability BMW and the classic look of a Chang Jiang 750, the ultimate in sidecar.

Watercooled CJ750: A favorite with local riders that go on long distance rides. These bikes run for hours without getting too hot and do not leak oil.

Left Hand Sidecars:UK, Australia, NZ, Thailand, check out our restorations.

Chang Jiang 750 Solo

M72: The granddaddy of the Chang Jiang 750 sidecar, we restore a few of these every year. Check out some of the old parts we have still wrapped in wax paper and 50 year old grease. We still have many sleeved frames available for your restoration.

Donghai: A very limited circulation sidecar, these are also very hard to find in good condition. We restore one or two every year.

1956 M72 Drawings: The only set known to exist. These are 3D drawings of the M72 from the Sports Ministy printed in 1956. Reproduction copies of these posters are available.

Desktop Pics: Some cool pix for you to download.

Flames - Harley Style

Accessories: A must visit before ordering your CJ750 sidecar. From pannier boxes to leather seats to fog lamps or disk brakes, we have it all. We have recently started to make custom leather bags for our bikes. Check it out.

Restoration Process: The whole process of our Chang Jiang 750 sidecar bikes being striped, sand blasted, painted and assembled. We are the largest restoration shop in Beijing. Our paint jobs are the best.

Excellent Chrome: Check out our chrome parts. We are the only shop that gurantees you our quality. If you buy a premium restoration from us and the chrome rust, we will replace it for free.

Super Polish: Our polishing shines like chrome. Check out what we can do. We polish Harley motorcycle and also car parts too.

Paint Jobs: Some of our custom paint jobs. We set the standards for quality paint jobs. Each bike is stripped to the bare metal and repainted. Each layer of paint is applied according to the strictest process to ensure the highest quality.

Parts Manual:Basic parts manual copied from the factory parts manual.

Left Hand Bucket Sidecar

Ride Gallery: Join us on our weekend rides. If you buy a bike from us live in Shanghai, feel free to come up to Beijing on weekends and join us for our rides. We have long distance rides every holiday and on every weekend Saturdays and Sunday from March till November. Contact: www.cj750.org

FAQ's: The most comprehensive information about CJ750 sidecars, market news, how to buy a bike, importing a bike, fixing your bike. how to tune your bike, and basically the facts straight about PLA surplus bikes. These FAQs will answer most of your questions.

Hot CJ750 Girls and Famous people on CJ750 sidecars: Two key words, do we need to say more? One of the benefits of owning a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar. Check out the links on Saya's page.

Important Notice: All of our export Chang Jiang 750 sidecars are restored from PLA surplus, read my FAQs and you will realize that the PLA issued Chang Jiang 750 is the standard export sidecar and there are thousands available in China. We sets the benchmark for quality restoration with details standard on our Chang Jiang 750 sidecars such as; tapered steering bearings, imported engine bearings, imported transmission bearings, brass carburetor floats, LED lights, and indicators, and only the highest quality parts. I am one of the few web sites that list prices and give itemized price quotations. Go through our site especially our accessories page and see our work and compare. This site has many pages of FAQS and we believe it to be one of the most comprehensive Chang Jiang 750 sites online. Get all your necessary information before you make your decision.

Expats in Beijing: If you are shopping around for a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar in Beijing - and buy a sidecar from someone that rides and have experience to offer you super quality product backed with professional service. Hundreds of kilometers, hundreds of riders in our family, Big Bill's is the guy to talk to for a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar. If you go to a shop that uses our pictures please be careful. There is only one BIG BILL! Do not buy your bike from someone that is using my pictures!

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