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Carburetor Adjustment:

Left/right throttle synchronizing; There is a trick to synchronizing your carbs. Take 2 spokes and cut them in half. Keep the threaded half. Then disconnect both spark plug wires from your spark plugs. Screw the spoke nipple half way onto the threaded end of your spokes. Then place that nipple over the sparkplug and the other end of the spoke into your spark plug cap. Now you can ground out one cylinder easily by touching a long screw driver first to the cylinder and then to the spoke. You want to run the bike on one cylinder.

With just 1 cylinder running, turn the idle speed adjusting screw until the idle is barely keeping the bike running on one cylinder. Then screw the mixture screw until it raises up the RPM of the one cylinder you’re working on. When that stabilizes, go back to the idle adjusting screw and turn it out until it lowers the RPM so the motor just barely keeps running on 1 cylinder.
Now repeat this for the other side.

Remember, only turn the idle and the mixture screw slightly, about ¼ turn at a time.

For high speed synchronization- This is done via the cables that run into the top of the carburetors. There is a stop nut on each throttle cable. Adjust that nut until both cylinders sound the same at about ¼ throttle opening.

Stock Carburetors

High Performance Carburetors

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