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Beautifully Restored Chang Jiang 750 Sidecars:

These are our top Chang Jiang 750 restorations. All these beautifully restored Chang Jiang 750 sidecars have; “smooth as ice” 12 layer paint jobs, paint from Dupont, ICI or BASF, high grade polished aluminum that shines like chrome, high grade polished aluminum transmission, rear drive, and brake cover, high grade polish brake and clutch levers, high grade polished axle mounts, high speed 4th gear, high speed rear differential gear, high grade chrome, polished cylinder heads, “through” frame wiring harness, special “sectioned” wiring, re-welded frame joints for smooth finish, custom Leather seats, custom Leather bucket seats, leather seat covers, high quality aluminum rims ,anodized aluminum rim in red, yellow, green, blue or black, high strength spokes, powder coated frame, powder coated hubs, constant velocity Mikuni carburetors, constant velocity Mikuni electronic carburetors, high performance carburetors, high performance pistons, deep oil sump, duck boards in sidecar bucket, modified flat air filter (2 types), racing tires, battery box in trunk, non-slip tape on sidecar frame for foot rest, maintenance free sealed battery, fuse switch, braided steel cable sheath, brake on sidecar wheel, license plate light, custom parking brakes, extra digital speedometer, german FAG or SKF engine bearings, german FAG or SKF wheel bearings, german FAG or SKF transmission bearings, reverse light and indicator, hidden electrical system, halogen Lamp, light indicators, MPH/KM speed odometer, electronic distributor, tapered bearings for steering column, lowered fender in 3 styles (R71, M72, or normal), front fender plate. Go over our accessories pages for more details.

Check out our upclose restoration detail photos. To give you a big shock check out our prices compare our details and do some research, our beautifully restored premium Chang Jiang 750 sidecars are 50% to 30% less expensive than our competitors. Shop around, take our list and compare, you will be shocked! Visit us and find out the real prices and the best quality in town. No Bullshit, just quality work at local prices, just check out our price list and you will see we itemize all cost and make a comparison to see what you get. We are the only CJ750 shop that offers international customers Beijing prices so order your dream sidecar from us now!

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Double click on the thumbnail photos below to see more detailed pictures!

Black Super

Black Super All Chrome

Blue Pinstripe Super

British Racing Green

Navy Blue Super

Black Blue All Chrome

Ferrari Red Chrome Engine

Super with Flames

Green SS Stripes

Navy Blue Super

Silver Bullet

Black Super

Burgendy Gold Pinstripes

Black with Blue Flake

Candy Blue

Candy Blue Pin Stripe

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