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Buying and Owning a CJ 750 in Beijing:

The following FAQs are for people interested in buying a Chang Jiang 750 in Beijing. Our strongest recommendation is to check around to get the best deal, find out who is good at maintenance and importantly DO NOT BUY a CHANG JIANG 750 with FAKE PLATES. New Legal Chang Jiang 750 sidecars with Beijing plates are available and also provincial plates from Anhui, Hebei, ShaanXi. Protect yourself with a legal Chang Jiang 750 that has insurance, it’s your ass, and it’s the law. There is absolutely no reason you should buy a Chang Jiang 750 in Beijing with fake plates when legal plates are available. If you are staying only a year or two, we recommend that you buy a 2004 CJ750 and customize it. It’s the best deal for the dollar and again it is LEGAL. Insurance is less than 400rmb per year.

Compare quality, prices, there are over 20 CJ750 shops in Beijing visit the dealer list on www.cj750.org and find out where they are. Visit us and find out why so many people go to Big Bill's Bikes. Check around and buy a legal Chang Jiang 750 otherwise you will ride with regret.

Check out our map for our location and also print a copy of it. Keep it with you and if your Chang Jiang breaks down and you can help from the nearest shop.

Is it true Chang Jiang 750 sidecars are not allowed inside of the Fifth Ring Road?

No not true, it depends on the Chang Jiang 750 sidecar you have and if it is legal. Illegal Chang Jiang 750 sidecars are not allowed to be ridden anywhere. Just because somebody says the police do not care does not mean it is legal. Buy a legally licensed Chang Jiang 750 and ride assured your that you will not have legal problems. All Chang Jiang 750’s with “Jing A” plates are allowed in the city at any time. Bikes with legal plates from other provinces are allowed after 8pm and weekends inside the 5th ring road. There are a few roads where Chang Jiang 750 sidecars are not allowed. You are not allowed to ride on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th ring road, you are allowed to ride on the side road, and you are not allowed on Chang An Jie before 8pm.

Where am I allowed to ride my Chang Jiang 750 in Beijing?

Basically you can ride your Chang Jiang 750 (with “Jing A” plates) in most places except:

  • On the Second Ring Road
  • On the Third Ring Road
  • On the Fourth Ring Road
  • On Chang An Jie before 8:30PM

You can ride your Chang Jiang 750 in most places as long as you have legal plates on them. Riding on the side road of the Second or Third Ring Road or Fourth Ring Road and on Airport expressway and Badaling expressway is allowed.

For parking you can park anywhere on the sidewalk especially if there is a bicycle space, or car parking space. Normally it is 1 RMB to 15 RMB depending on which part of town you are in. Most parking attendants will ask you to park it on the sidewalk.

Is it true that 1997 Chang Jiang 750 will be confiscated and are worth nothing?

1997 Chang Jiang 750 sidecars are very popular because it use to be legally licensed and much cheaper than a new Chang Jiang 750. Check around dealers before buying your bike in Beijing. The registration are expired and titles cannot be transfered so some good deals can be found.

In 1997 there was a law passed that Chang Jiang 750 sidecars are to be salvaged after ten years. The interpretation of the law is that one cannot legally resell it after ten years thus after 2007 the plates cannot be transferred to another person unless it is to a new Chang Jiang 750. The laws are always changing so always get a second opinion! We do want to warn you that there is a dealer going around scaring foreigners and even calling them at home to dump their 1997 Chang Jiang 750 buying a newly registered Chang Jiang 750.

Is it true that CJ750 sidecars have to be crushed after 10 years in Beijing?

Yes, the registrations are expired and the 1997 CJ750 are to be salvaged. If you do not hand in your bike they will not allow you to register a new one or to register a vehicle.

What is the process of buying a Chang Jiang 750?

Pay deposit
Have your passport and work permit ready
Clear all documents on the Chang Jiang
Transfer title

Normally if the bike has been taken care off this will require 2 to 3 days at most a week. You do not need a drivers license to buy a Chang Jiang 750, you will need a sidecar in order to get the drivers license for riding sidecars.

Your dealer will have to prepare all documentation for you. You will need to have a work or resident visa in your passport for obtaining a legal title. The work permit is to show your address and name in Chinese for the registration.

The Chang Jiang 750 should not have any liens and all duties, tax and registrations must be updated before the title can be transferred. This should be done by the seller and or the shop where you buy your Chang Jiang 750. In most cases, for foreigners you will not need to go to the registration bureau if you are the buyer or seller. Most shops will be able to arrange this for a fee usually 200 to 300rmb.

What does it cost to transfer a title?

Change yellow plate to black plate is 300 RMB
Tax 48 RMB, yearly
Road tax 200RMB, after Jan 1st 240 RMB
Bike inspection 100 RMB
Insurance is 400RMB

Normally the seller will need to show up, and in some cases you may not need to show up as there are agents that help with the process (extra fee). For new Chang Jiang 750 buyers Big Bill's Bikes may do their documentation for them and which total cost is around 600RMB (not including penalties). 200 RMB of that goes to the guy that does all the running around. The bike registration center is in the south part of town 38Km away from Sanlitun. Depending on the documents of the Chang Jiang 750, it normally takes two to three days for the whole process.

How much is insurance?

It cost about 400RMB for 50,000 RMB of third party liability coverage. Again this is another reason why you should not buy a Chang Jiang 750 with an illegal plate. The insurance covers the vehical and is very inexpensive.

We have seen many illegally licensed Chang Jiang 750 sidecars with insurance. Actually the insurance company will give policies for illegally registered Chang Jiang 750 sidecars however they will not cover any damages when you have an accident. You will be paying for everything out of your own pocket.

I have an old Chang Jiang 750 and would like to make it legal, is that possible in Beijing?

Yes, if you have a an old Chang Jiang 750 and want to have legal plates on it, it is possible by registering the Chang Jiang 750 as newly manufactured. It will need to be in good condition and you will need to hand in an old registration from another Chang Jiang 750 to exchange the plates. This service can be done for about 15,000RMB.

My Chang Jiang 750 plate has expired, can I get new “Jing A” plates for my Chang Jiang 750?

Yes, basically it is the same as making it legal, one of the manufacturers may “refurbish” your Chang Jiang 750 for you and register it as a newly built Chang Jiang 750. The bike has to be in good condition, thus everything must look new, and you will need to turn in a set of salvage vehicle documents and plate to transfer it to a new title.

Can 1997 Chang Jiang 750 be transferred?


When do the police confiscate Chang Jiang 750 sidecars?

Illegal Chang Jiang 750 sidecars are usually confiscated when an accident occurs and the rider has either fake plates, no plates, expired plates, or if there is a road check for registrations. You will be 100% at fault even when its not your fault. Do not buy a bike with fakes plates as “Jing A” plates are highly available.

What is a fake plate?

Fake plates are usually from other provinces (many from Hebei) and will not have all the paper work such as receipt, road tax, registration, ownership certificate. When buying your Chang Jiang 750 in China, please make sure that you have an owner registration certificate that has your name on it and also the official receipt that has a watermark on it. Make sure you pay the balance for the Chang Jiang 750 after you get the registrations transferred.

Foreigner and buying your Chang Jiang 750 in Beijing it should have Beijing "Jing A" plates that are black colored. If you are a diplomat you will be able to get black diplomatic plates. Any Chang Jiang 750 that is illegally registered is a liability to you and if you have an accident it will be a serious problem. It is less of a problem to ride a CJ750 that has no plates than one that has fake plates.

Insurance companies will give you a contract for any kind of CJ750, however it does not mean that you are covered or that they will pay up especially if the plates are not legally registered. We know foreigners that have bought yellow Hebei plates with insurance only to find that the policy did not cover false registrations, and they got into big legal troubles with their accident and had to pay lots of money.

What is the difference between fake plates and real plates?

Fake plates have no registration thus are not insured and also illegal. For local riders the infraction of using fake plates is punishable by arrest and jail time. Local riders will rather ride a bike with no plates than fake plates because the legal liability is less.

The value of the Chang Jiang 750 in China is much less without the legal registrations. Normally a Chang Jiang 750 without plates in Beijing is only a few thousand RMB. You will not be able to buy insurance and in an accident it is automatically default that you are 100% responsible even when you did not cause the accident. However if you do already own a Chang Jiang 750 with fake plates and get into an accident, please note that the seller of your Chang Jiang 750 is 100% legally responsible and liable for your accident. The law in Beijing states that sellers of illegal vehicles are liable for their usage. You may end up having to pay thousands of unnecessary dollars, so it is far better to get a Chang Jiang with proper licenses. If you get into an accident, the dealer is responsible.

If you have bought a Chang Jiang 750 with fake plates our recommendation is to bring your Chang Jiang 750 back to the dealer and ask him to give you legal plates or contact the police. It is highly illegal to sell any vehical with fake plates. Licensed 2003 CJ750 sidecars are around 25,000 RMB and new 2009 sidecars are 40,000RMB. There is absolutely no reason to buy a CJ 750 with fake plates, and please respect the law.

I have a Chang Jiang 750 with “Jing A” plates and documents however the registrations and paperwork was never done?

You can pay some penalties and make up the payments depending on how overdue they are. If you have not transferred the title you will have to find the original owner. Penalties can add up and become very expensive and even more expensive then the value of the Chang Jiang 750

Can I transfer a '97 or new Chang Jiang 750 with a 32hp engine that I installed?

Normally it is required that the original engine is on the bike to transfer the title, it does not have to be running the engine numbers do need to match. However there are cases that the transfers have been allowed with a 32hp engine that was not the original engine.

Can I have my Chang Jiang 750 painted any color besides black or green?

Most legal Chang Jiang 750 sidecars are black and also there are a small amount of them in green. The law states that you can only change the color of your Chang Jiang 750 with approval, which usually cost 600rmb. This becomes a problem when renewing registrations if the Chang Jiang 750 is not in its original color. In many cases the paint can be adjusted for registration purposes.

In many of our local custom bikes we use black as a base color and pearl dust it so that it gives of a certain glow or will look black in the distance, however up close you can will notice the an undertone.

Drop by and we may help you out with your paint job.

Can I make my Chang Jiang 750 into a solo?

Yes you can make a Chang Jiang into a solo, but it is illegal. Many riders take the sidecar off and ride solo though it is illegal. It takes about ten minutes to make a sidecar into a solo. The sidecar rig is mounted onto the bike by 4 bolts. However, you will also have to have the battery moved to the side of the Chang Jiang 750 and not in the boot. If you are in an accident, you will be fully liable even if you have insurance for a sidecar.

What type of license do I need to ride a Chang Jiang 750 legally?

You will need a D license. You can apply for one only after you get a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar.

I am in a city outside Beijing and want to ride a Chang Jiang 750?

Different cities have different regulations. Shanghai will confiscate your CJ immediately, while other cities may be more lenient to foreigners. If you do not have a Beijing Residence permit, you may not register your Chang Jiang 750 in Beijing.

What should I do if I am involved in an accident?

Dial 122 for traffic police. Do not leave the scene or you will be at fault even if it is not your fault.

If you have a legal Chang Jiang 750, the police will ask you for your information and may hold your blue registration till the matter is resolved. You do not need to leave your CJ if it is legally registered. If you Chang Jiang 750 has fake plates you will most likely get your Chang Jiang 750 confiscated and the accident will be 100% your fault even if you did not cause the accident.

Written by Chang Jiang 750 riders for Chang Jiang 750 riders!

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