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CJ750 Breaking in Process:

The CJ750 requires correct breaking in to ensure that the engine will be at its optimum performance and reliability. Normally we recommend that the CJ750 travel at speeds of no more than 60km/h for the first 1,000km. We know you want to ride fast asap, however it is best to extend the breaking in process to 2,000km to ensure that the engine will be broken in properly. A properly broken in CJ750 will last you many miles and importantly give you a much better performance.

It is recommended that for the first 500km, the CJ750 be ridden at low rpm and also carry only a light load with top speed of 40km/h. At this stage you will find that screws may start to come loose and also the bike may run a bit rough due to teething of gears. The carburetors and gear pins may (will usually) need some adjustments to ensure smooth running.

For the second half of the breaking in process we recommend a medium rpm and occasional high rpm. It is advisable to increase speeds slowly to the maximum suggested and then slowly decelerate and accelerate. Do not ride it a high rpm or at a fixed speed for an extended period of time.

During this breaking in process it is vital to check your oil and do not let your engine get overheated especially in the first stages when everything is new and tight. It is recommended that the engine stays below 180C degrees. Do not go for extended rides as it will put lots of stress on your engine. Also check your gasket head bolts to make sure that they are tight because they are newly fitted bolts and screws may come loose.

Do not use straight pipes, use pipes with mufflers for back compression. Straights pipes may cause excessive wear on your valves and you will also lack power at high speeds or even a lack of top speed.

Change the oil at the first 500km, and keep constant check on oil level. New engines will burn oil faster till it is broken in.

Check your spark plugs to make sure that the carburetors are not too lean or too rich. Excessive caking will cause poor sparking thus effecting your CJ750 engine performance.

A properly broken in bike will operate with maximum performance which includes fuel efficiency, less oil burning, and a longer lasting engine life.

Carburetor speed limiter:

For those that have the traditional Carburetors, there is a speed limited screw in the carburetor to keep you from going too fast. Once your CJ750 is broken in you may remove it and cut the extended screws.

Break-in secret:

This is a small trick that we use to break in our bikes which can also be used for cars. For 32hp bikes ride it up to 50kmh and switch the key ignition off thus letting the engine pull the motorcycle to a stop. For 24 we speed it up to about 40kmh. Do this a few times and the engine and valves will break in faster.

For more information and professional tips, you can contact Jim Bryant (www.mycj750.com or jim@way2prc.com). Bill Eng is on MSN almost 24/7 at: cj750net@hotmail.com For those that are do not have a hotmail address, you can sign up to MSN Passport and use any email address to chat on MSN Messenger. In the USA you can contact Greg at: www.scooterbob.com or email him directly at: scooterbob@scooterbob.com.

Written by Chang Jiang 750 riders for Chang Jiang 750 riders!

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