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Timing Adjustment:

Points: You adjust the points by the ignition points inside the distributor. Rotate the crank using the kick starter until the cylinder is at top dead center.

Use a feeler gauge to check the gap of the points when they are fully open. The gap should be 0.35 m/m. There is a screw in a slot on the plate behind the points. This is how you adjust them. Loosen the screw and turn the entire points plate until you reach the proper gap. Then tighten the screw. Using the kickstarter turn the flywheel 360 degrees and re-check the gap. For better high speed operation, advancing the points slightly will make the bike run better at high speed. However, you may need higher octane gas if you run in this position. Also you may overheat in stop and go traffic situations. For better running at low speed or stop and go city riding, retard the ignition slightly. This is done by loosening the securing bolt at turn the entire distributor either clockwise to advance the ignition or counter clockwise to retard the ignition.

NEVER use sandpaper to clean your points. You will create small pits in the surface which will lead to failure. The spark will gravitate to the one place with a pit instead of moving around on a smooth surface.

For more information and professional tips, you can contact Jim Bryant (www.bmwsidecar.com or jim@way2prc.com) and also from Zhang. Big Bill's BIkes is on MSN almost 24/7 at: cj750net@hotmail.com For those that are do not have a hotmail address, you can sign up to MSN Passport and use any email address to chat on MSN Messenger. In the USA you can contact Greg at: www.scooterbob.com or email him directly at: scooterbob@scooterbob.com.

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