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Plug and Valves:

Plugs: If your plugs are wet and/or black you are running too rich. You will not damage your motor, but you will lose some performance. If your plugs are white, you are running too lean and you can damage your motor running in this way. The amount of fuel and air mixture is adjusted via the carburetors. The spark plug gap should be 0.60 m/m.

Valves: The major reason CJ750 sidecars overheat especially on the 22hp or 24hp engines are because of misadjusted valve lash. You should check your valve clearance every 2,000-3,000 kms. Your exhaust valve should be adjusted to 0.15m/m to 0.20m/m and your intake valve should be adjusted to 0.10 m/m. One can tell the valve adjustment being off by clicking noise or excessive heating up and over heating of the engine.

Be extremely careful of using staight pipes that do not have any muffer or dampers. This will cause your valves to be damaged and also you will not have power at high speeds or with heavy loads.

If you are riding your CJ750 and experience a lack of power even thought the engine is firing properly and there is also a chirping or high pitch pulsating blowing noise your valves might be leaking thus you will not have the proper compression and lose power.

For more information and professional tips, you can contact Jim Bryant (www.bmwsidecar.com or jim@way2prc.com) and also Big Bill's BIkes is on MSN almost 24/7 at: cj750net@hotmail.com For those that are do not have a hotmail address, you can sign up to MSN Passport and use any email address to chat on MSN Messenger. In the USA you can contact Greg at: www.scooterbob.com or email him directly at: scooterbob@scooterbob.com.

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