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Wutaishan is located in Shanxi and near Taiyuan. Wutaishan and is considered as one of the holy sacred Buddhist mountains in China. In the center of this is the monastic village of Taihuai, which lies deep in an alpine valley surrounded by five mountains. This area has many temples and monasteries that due to its remote location has been able to survive some turbulent times in recent history.

The greatest thing about the rides in the Beijing area is that there are many places that have historical, cultural, and religious significance. Many of these villages existed for hundreds of years dating back to the Ming Dynasty.

If you are planning on visiting such places please contact us and lets see what we can do. We can coordinate your ride with ride leader, mechanic, clubs to meet with you in each city, logisting of shipping sidecar to and back.

Thomas Nakladal < 01 | 02 >
Ride gallery, Yinchuan 2005, Sjaak Lucassen, Mike Wix and Royce, Jim Bryant

Thomas Nakladal < 01 | 02 >

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